Online Courses

Course Format 

During COVID-19, the Short Term Program of Shih Chien University offers online courses considering the health and safety of students. The online curriculum consists of classes, online study materials, quizzes, case studies, online discussions, group work, essays and exams. Besides professors, there will be teaching assistants and discuss sessions/tutorials assigned according to the size of classes. The specific format of online courses will vary depending on the subject matter. 


Meanwhile, we will organize online business lectures and cultural activities to help students understand local industries and culture. SCP is committed to building a rich, interesting and reliable online summer program on the premise of ensuring students gaining knowledge. 


Online Business Activities

Business Panel

Help students deepen their understanding of the local business environment and heighten the combination knowledge with practice by inviting professionals in the industry to give business lectures on specific topics.   


Career Panel

Help students understand the social employment requirements and situation, set up the correct professional goal, and make a clear plan for career development.


Online Cultural Activities

Cultural Lectures/Studies

Provide interesting cultural lectures/workshops for students by inviting local cultural professionals to encourage them to think actively so as to gain their own understanding and perception.



Our online program has three key features. 

Active: Courses are designed to keep students interested, involved and focused. 

Social: In this program, students gather from around the world. They exchange ideas, offer input, and learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. 

Local Case Based: Lessons are delivered through cases happened in the local industry. We want students to think in the shoes of local business leaders. Students need to deal with the same issues creatively with imperfect information. In that way, they can fully understand challenges and opportunities in the local industry.


Credit Transfer

Each online course offered by the Short Term Program of Shih Chien University consists of 3 credit hours and 61 contract hours, which meet the transfer requirements of Australian/North American universities. Our key subjects are economics and finance. We will provide high quality courses to students and try our best to meet their academic needs. 



Our professors are from famous domestic and foreign universities with rich teaching experience. Students who stand out are able to obtain professors' recommendation letters for applying for graduate school program and hunting for jobs.

Teaching Flatform 

The main platform we use, Moodle, is suitable for all ages and sectors. Anywhere learning takes place, it can be used. Using Moodle and other platforms to complete teaching not only ensures the quality of online instructions, but also allows students to arrange their own schedule, which can improve learning efficiency and enhance learning experience. 


Student Service

A reliable team with rich experience will run the online program to make sure things will go smoothly. According to the size of the class, there will be professional tutors assigned for large classes to make sure students fully understand the curriculum content. 


Need help? Speak to an advisor: +86-10-56136008 Monday-Friday, 9am-12:30pm & 1:30-6pm Beijing Time







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