The Summer China Program of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU-SCP) has been running since 2011 and is committed to promoting education and culture exchange between China and the world through sharing academic and life experiences in China. Students from all over the world attend this summer program to learn from distinguished professors, understand Chinese business environment, and obtain credit hours certified by Shanghai International Studies University. So far, thousands of students from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have attended this program and gained wonderful experience of learning and living in Shanghai.  


Study Abroad at SISU 

SISU is founded in 1949 and is a national key university in Shanghai, China. It’s distinctive for its multidisciplinary and multicultural nature. SISU-SCP is based at SISU’s Hong Kou campus, sits on a prime location in Shanghai and that immerses students in authentic local life and culture.



Courses at SISU-SCP are identical to the majority of North American/Australian/New Zealand universities and colleges. They are taught in English but have a China or at least an international focus. Subjects include business, economics, finance, management, marketing history and linguistics.


Culture Exchange

There is a packed social calendar of culture events. Students will find Chinese traditions and culture intriguing and entertaining, as well as a valuable resource in coming to understand China, its people, and how it has evolved into the country it is today.


Left: Students visited Hangzhou;                                                                       Right: Students visited Yu Garden,Shanghai  


Career Development  

We understand that many students are interested into the job market in China; thus, we offer Business Leadership Program including keynote speech and company visit to help students obtain the first-hand information.